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Well, Hello People!

Here 21yrs old not so grown up woman typing...

About couple of year didn't update this blog @ my virtual diary. Yeah, life have been so hard as i am still growing up. Maybe if I read this post about 10 years from now I'm still saying life have been hard lately because life always challenging as we still breathing. 

Dont ever give up..❎
Dont stop❎, keep going on✅

After some encouragement to type this post...
Currently in 2nd year at UiTM Shah Alam 📍,  BSc(Hons) of IT in Business Computing 📚. After Diploma, UiTM offered me that course & so here i am in my mid semester. So many assignment, project and also test need to settle down 📝. Final exam just about 2 month from now after Eidulfitri. I'm kind of nervous because this is a new level for me to going through. And, of course I want to do better than last time (diploma) 😔 Sometimes you just need to go off the grid and get your soul right.
What ever it is, Im going to live my life & continue to do something for mys…